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About Us

Welcome To Vertis Elevators Pvt. Ltd
Vertis Elevators TM is a new dynamic company spearheaded on the local demand for a lift company, that is small enough to invest individual attention to projects, but big enough to handle any size project with quality and skill.
Our team is very hand on with our projects from start to finish. We pride ourselves in the personal relationships we form with our clients.

Vertis Elevators is committed in providing each customer with the highest personal service and specialized care for their valuable asset regardless of the brand of elevator you own, before you make a long term decision on elevator maintenance, new installations, modernizations, upgrades or cosmetic upgrades, we encourage you to please consider Vertis Elevators

Vertis Elevators has a passion for service excellence as we believe service excellence is the cornerstone of any business and the most important key performance indicator for any company, we require that our members and staff are honest, take accountability, and use both initiative and integrity.

We will provide unique services and products in a continually changing and demanding environment, our solutions are tailor-made to suit our clients' needs with regards to operational efficiency and system requirements. We focus on building the sustainable profitability and liquidity which will ensure the long-term success of the company and benefit our customers, employees, and suppliers in future.

We will build lasting relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers as we strive to be recognized by our customers as the number one service provider, a mile stone and a challenge for any independent company which we as Vertis Elevators strive to achieve.

Vertsi Elevators has the greatest importance in preventing any form of loss; in particular to the safety of our employees and users of our equipment, it is the personal duty of each employee to avoid possible injury to him / herself or any other users whilst performing tasks on our equipment and providing a service to the public.

Rest assured that you will be receiving a company with technical expertise and attention to detail, we cater to your specific needs and our staff will be knowledgeable,


  • Establish ourselves as a value driven and competitive elevator and escalator supplier, installation and maintenance company
  • Deliver a world class service to a diverse client base
  • To supply products and services with a high level of quality and reliability
  • Achieve these goals in a cost effective and client focused manner
  • Develop sustainable customer relations built mainly on trust